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2018 Messages

You can now read a transcribed versions of Central Healing Services’ messages month-by-month. Each month’s post is a summary of the message preached during the service. The nature of the transcriptions are expected to reflect the originality of delivered messages. For maximum benefits, however, every reader is advised to put away any form of distractions and prayerfully put his/her frame of mind as per one literally sitting before the Preacher when the message was preached.

December 2018 Summarized Healing Service Message

December Healing Service Message Summary
Message by: Pst. Isaac Olori (The Int’l Director)
Text: Psalm 89:1-10, 1 Cor 1:9
Topic: God is Faithful

God is faithful, was the verdict of Paul when he looked at everything about his life, he saw and declared that God is faithful. Today, if we examine everything about our lives, we will see the mercies of God and should be able express His faithfulness. We have experienced several difficult times but God delivered us and provided for us.

In Psalm 103:1, David blessed the Lord and commanded all that was within him to praise and bless His holy name, urging them not to forget God’s benefits. The greatest benefit is that you have God, who will stand by you to and defend you at all times; that was why the Psalmist said, “bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not His benefits”. The problem some of you have is the act of ingratitude! But David acknowledged God’s mercy by saying, ‘’who forgives our iniquities”. He continued to appreciate God by saying, “who healeth our diseases”. Notwithstanding what the situation is like with you presently, in as much as you are still alive thus mean that your chapter is not closed; God is not through with you yet.

God is able to feed all living things: humans, animals, fishes, birds, etc. He takes care of all by His power and influence, which is a reason why the wicked plans of the enemy will not work in your life, if you key into God. When Joseph understood God’s purpose for his life, he keyed in. The story of Joseph shows that God’s purpose will ever be fulfilled when we key into it. Sometimes the problem a face is that we don’t key into God’s purpose. God is faithful to His: word, purpose and covenant. He said that He won’t break His covenant nor alter the word that proceeds out of His mouth.

Heb. 6:18 shows that there are two things that cannot change: God’s word and His commitment (faithfulness). In the Old Testament, He had to swear by His own self because there is no other that is greater than He. God is not a man that He should lie … (Numbers 23:19).

God is ever faithful to His words and promises. Every promise God makes, He keeps to it. He said that He will not fail us. His purpose cannot be broken amidst any adverse situations. In case of the children of Israel, the more the Egyptians oppressed them, the more they waxed greater!

Psalm 103:13 reveals that God is faithful in keeping covenants; even when the people that entered into the covenant with Him had long died, provided there is someone who can key into it, God will remain faithful even onto a thousand generation (Deut. 7:9). Unfortunately, todays Churches are filled with people who have no covenant relationship with God; hence no evidence of transformation encounter in their lives.

Heb. 11:11 confirms that Sarah through faith, received strength to bring forth a child. God’s faithfulness is mutual relationship; as such, you need to remain faithful to experience God’s faithfulness.

In 2 Chronicles, God said, “ if my people who are called by my Name…” This means that there are a group of people who are called by God’s name; such relationship comes when you acknowledge that you are a sinner and seek the saving Grace of God. Psalm 103:17 says that God is faithful to those who fear Him. If you fear God, you will not be involved in evil; you will not be compromising your faith with sin; you will depart from inequity.

God is faithful to those who love and reverence Him. Do you love God, and have you sacrificed anything as a show of your love for Him? God is faithful because He has called us into the fellowship of the suffering of His son. These are the two things that guarantee us of God’s faithfulness.

November 2018 Summarized Healing Service Message

November Healing Service Message Summary
Message by: Pst. Isaac Olori (The Int’l Director)
Text: John11:1-7,  20-27
Topic: Have Faith in God (PART 2)

From the bible text, our emphasis shall be on faith in His resurrection. It doesn’t matter what you are experiencing presently, when resurrection comes, life is restored.

Today, in this service, the Lord will address every sickness, whether it is in your body, your marriage, etc. the Lord will reach you at the point of your needs. Being sick is not the issue but what happens afterwards. In the case of Lazarus, he had a connection with the one who is the resurrection and the life. His case was different because he had a special relationship with the Master. The Lord had many reasons why He should intervene in his case, which includes the commitment of Mary and Martha, his sisters.

Most times, challenges do not constitute as much problem as that of lack of connection or relationship with the Master, who of course has the power to proffer solution to every problem. There are few people in the bible whom Jesus described as, “sleepeth”, Lazarus was one of such. Lazarus was sick and his sisters sent a message to Jesus saying, “…he whom thou lovest is sick.” Jesus responded and said, “…this sickness is not unto death.” At this time, however, there was no sign of death with Lazarus. The statement portrayed Jesus Christ as the alpha and omega, which implies that, no matter what the outcome could be, including resulting to death, He could still do something.

Jesus’ statement was not just a mere statement but a decree, because His words are yea and amen. It doesn’t matter the name of that sickness or how bad things have become, in as much as God has said something about your situation, there is hope for you; your case cannot be hopeless. Don’t be a slave to anything, be it: sin, fear, sickness or hardship. You must address situations the way Jesus did, because you are no longer a slave but a child of His.

God has the final say. Things around you should not determine your end, only the word of God should. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy (Jn 10:10). I thank God because the scripture did not end there, it says, “…but I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly”. Every attempt of the devil to bring sorrow and death onto you, it shall be converted to God’s glory. And, the greater the mess, the greater the glory!

Time and state of things should not be issues at all. Martha said, “…if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died”. This was a very subtle attempt to rebuke the Master. Most Christian murmur, worry and question what they see as delayed response from God. But Jesus can’t arrive late because He knows the appointed time and season. I don’t know if you are experiencing a “divine delay”, be assured that the Master is on His way for you. When He comes at His right timing, everything shall be brought under control.

All that Martha needed to do was to simply connect to the Master by faith. The moment she realized Jesus’ antecedents, her faith began to rise. Despite that it was the 4th day of Lazarus being in the grave and stank, she believed what the Master could do.

Right now, I want you to visualize a picture of your situations, which have caused your faith to waver, and depression and fear have set in. No matter what that situation is, God can change it, reverse it and visit it, even now. Faith honours God, and God honours faith. When God sees faith in you, He rises up to the confronting situation.

Your situation is not yet totally hopeless. It was not yet over with Lazarus despite being dead and buried; therefore, it is not yet over in your case as well! The resurrection and the life cannot be there and it becomes over. The widow of Nain thought that it was over with the death of her only child. But Jesus met the procession to the place of burial of the only son of the widow of Nain; there and then, the situation was changed from a burial procession to a celebration.

No problem is beyond the reach of the Master. Men may cover you up, but Jesus is there for you, provided the stone can be rolled away. I don’t know what is that stone that is standing before you today? Roll them away; whether it is the stone of sin, doubt and unbelief they are there to constitute barriers for the Master to reach you. The intensity of the decays and smells notwithstanding, the Master is about to come in for an encounter with Him. “He that covereth his sin shall not prosper…”

Quickening power of God:
There is a power in Him of which when it enters into you is able to quicken you (Rom. 4:17). To see the glory of God is a function of your faith. When Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life…” He reassures us of the power that can quicken and resurrect to life. If the Spirit that raised Jesus from death dwells in you, He shall quicken your mortal body. Some of us struggle for many things because the spirit of God has not yet quickened us. The mortal body on its own is subject to weaknesses. You don’t have what it takes to manage the flesh on your own, and that is why you need the spirit of God.

When the Israelites were in the wilderness, the quickening Spirit quickened their bodies, clothes and shoes. The first man – Adam was made a living soul. The second –Adam is a quickening Spirit. If you are not in a place of failure the quickening Spirit is there to quicken you. Don’t subject yourself to failures because the resurrection and the life will energize you and change every hopeless situation, even if people had written you off.

A second decree, Jesus cried with a loud voice and said, “Lazarus come forth”. It was not an ordinary voice. It was a quickening voice and immediately the story changed; the man that was dead came forth. The resurrection and the life is in this service today, and shall resurrect every deadened situations of your life up to the confronting situation.

October 2018 Summarized Healing Service Message

October Healing Service Message Summary
Message by: Pst. Isaac Olori (The Int’l Director)
Text: Mark 11:12-14, 20-26
Topic: Have Faith in God

The fig tree described in the text presents a picture of many Churches and Christians today. By the power of God, everything that is responsible for unfruitfulness and bareness in your life, I command it to be cursed, in Jesus name. Amen

Judging by the attractive leaves of the fig tree, all who sighted it from a distance would have thought that it had some fruits on it! We make many empty presentations without any substantial fruits. The fig tree was not planted for leaves alone, but for fruits aswell.

Jesus cursed the fig tree because it was unproductive. Just the next day, it was found completely withered from the root. Jesus, however, used the scenario to teach His disciples about FAITH – a vital tool in the Christian life.

The greatest challenge most Christians face is that of misplaced faith. Sometimes consciously or unconsciously our attentions are diverted. God is telling us today to have faith in Him. A genuine faith is built on genuine relationship with God. You cannot have faith with one you don’t have relationship with. Heb. 11:6. The first thing faith does is to brings you closer to God; and when you do, mountains shall bow. Mountains here signifies obstacles, problems or challenges that are looking massive and unmovable
All those things that appear to be immovable Mountains in your life shall bow today. Five majors of those mountains are follows:

[1] Mountain of Unbelief:
The mountain of doubt initiates battle in your mind against God’s word. He said in verse 23, when you say to that mountain be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and shall not doubt in his heart it shall be so. Your lips confessions and tally with the thoughts of your heart. Always stand by what God is saying by faith. The mountain of unbelief must be pulled down in our lives because it hinders us from receiving God.

[2] Mountain of Discouragement:
Discouragement can become a mountain in your life. In Numbers 21:4, the journey became stressful and discouragement took center stage. One of the things the enemy does is to rub people of what God wants is by intruding “discouragement”.

Discouragement is very destructive. The children of Israel complained, murmured and talked down on the grace that let them that far. Hunger did not kill them, the Edomite could not kill them, but the serpent that came as a result of discouragement did kill them. Sickness may not be able to kill you, but discouragement could. You must pull down every mountain of discouragement. David had faith in God and encouraged himself in the Lord. Even when there is nothing physical to lay hands on, you can always hold onto God’s unfailing promises. In state of discouragement, you can’t be able to pray; and even when you do it may not amount to nothing due to discouragement.

[3] Mountain of Sickness, Disease or Afflictions:
When God shows up, no mountain afflictions can stand! Jesus told the man that had infirmity for 38years to take up his bed and walk, and the man became whole instantly. Whatsoever mountain of afflictions or diseases that are confronting you, even if medical doctors had written you off, hold onto God because will not write you off?

[4] Mountain of Debt:
Some of us are overwhelmed with worries of financial debts; always wondering when to l start and finish paying the debt they owe. What a huge mountain that has even caused a lot to commit suicide! You don’t have to go that far because God can remove your mountain of indebtedness. The woman in extra-ordinary situation in 2Kings 4:1-7 had to take extra-ordinary steps. She had faith that God was able to pay her debt; she knew that the mountain of debt could go.

I don’t know how much you owe, but I want you to know that the God that visited the woman can change your story. All that you need to do is to have faith in God. The man of God told her to “borrow” vessels. Sometimes, God will use the same thing that put you into trouble to pull you out of the created problems. When the children if Israel murmured against God, they were bitten by serpents. To deliver them, God told Moses to make a bronze serpent. God can use the same thing that brought your problem to bring you out of the problem. You should always listen to God for directions.

[5] The Mountain Unforgiveness:
For many, their problems won’t go without firstly removing the mountain of unforgiveness. It could be keeping of grudges and harbouring of the offences people have done to you. You must move the mountain of unforgiveness no matter what the offence was.

Our founding Father in his book: “I Forgive for My Sake”, talked about effect of unforgiveness. If you don’t forgive you are neither qualified to receive forgiveness nor miracle from God. I recommended that you get a copy and read it.

When situations or sicknesses speak, it is the step of faith that can answer them. It is God, and not the disease that shall have the final say in your life.

September 2018 Summarized Healing Service Message

September 2018 Central Healing Service 

Message Summary

Preacher:  Pst. Isaac V. Olori

Text: Matthew 16:13-19; Psalm 24:7-9

…It was so awesome in God’s presence today! The Spirit of the Lord overtook the Int’l Director so much so that he couldn’t preach his already prepared message but swung into praises, worship and giving of thanks to the Almighty God. 
He further declared: 
“Every manipulation and arrow of the wicked one against you and your family shall be broken, in Jesus name”
“Surrendering your life to Jesus Christ is the beginning of true worship. And the greatest miracle of your life, is the miracle of salvation”

Full Bible lesson text:
Matthew 16:13-19 “ When Jesus came into the region of Caesarea Philippi, He asked His disciples, saying, “Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am? So they said, “Some say John the Baptist, some Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” He said to them, But who do you say that I am? Simon Peter answered and said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God. Jesus answered and said to him, “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven. And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

Psalm 24:7-9 “Lift up your heads, O you gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, The LORD mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O you gates! Lift up, you everlasting doors! And the King

August 2018 Summarized Healing Service Message

August 2018 Central Healing Service 

Message Summary

Preacher:  Pst. Isaac V. Olori

Topic:  Healing Service: The Rock that is Higher than I
Lesson: Psalms. 61:1-5.

Sometimes, we face life situations that are truly overwhelming. At such times, we need a rock to rely on. It is my prayer today that God shall lift you up to the “Rock that is Higher than” you.

The passage we read was a prayer of David when he found himself in an overwhelming situation; notwithstanding that he was a king he cried onto God. If there are a people to pray, there is a God to answer!
King David was not ashamed to cry onto the Lord. Kings find themselves in difficult situations that make them to cry. Likewise every other person, when confronted with hard issues of life would have cause to cry. Steve Jobs (one of the co-founder of Apple) once said on his sick bed, “You can employ people to drive you, work or do things for you, but you cannot employ one to take over your sickness from you”

Often, most people cry about their situations instead of crying to God; some complain and even cry to men who themselves are faced with their own difficult situations. As Believers, we must learn to cry to God. 
In verse 2, we can deduce from the cry of David that his situation was very far from getting help. He was indeed in a hopeless and helpless situation. He was both physically and spiritually separated from God at a time, as a result of his grievous sins of murder and adultery.

Firstly, David realized that he had fallen, and didn’t give up in his sincere effort to get reconciled back to God as his only sure helper.
Secondly, from the saying, “…my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the Rock that is Higher than I”, implies that there are situations/ challenges compel us to know that the omnipotent God is on the Throne.

Matt.7:24 noted two kinds of builders: The one that was built on the sand, and the one on the rock. The one on the rock is prepared for winds and floods. Faced by similar challenges, one stood and the one on sand crashed. Nothing can fill the gap of God in your life; money, fame, education, etc., can never fill the emptiness of God in your heart.

For David, he prayed to be led to the rock because the rock is a place of security. The rock can neither quake nor be moved. Jesus is that rock and a solid foundation (I Cor. 3:11. II Tim 2:19). Jesus is the chief corner stone (Matt 21:42, Acts 4:11).

Anyone who wants to call on the name of the Lord must depart from evil; otherwise, his building is on the sand. The devil starts fighting from our mind, through thoughts and then actions. Watch the state of your heart! Many come to church, and neither receives deliverance nor miracles due to the wrong states of their minds. You cannot live in rebellion and expect God’s miracles!
David prayed for the rock that is higher than him. The level you operate with God matters. Many of us are operating within the level of the physical by relying on our finances, our connections, intellects, etc. The only reliable way out is to run onto the Rock that is Higher than all. It is only from there that your stories can change, because one on the rock has automatically stayed above challenging situations.

Note: God does not attend to the cries or prayers of one that is living in sin. This is because sin brings separation between you and God (Is.59:1-2). Sins are abominations onto God, and make God to hide His face from the cries of the sinner, except when he/she cries for mercy/forgiveness. God is looking for a heart that can totally depend on Him. It is in this state of dependency that He can be readily available to answer your prayers because He is the Rock of ages.

July 2018 Summarized Healing Service Message

July 2018 Central Healing Service 

Message Summary

Preacher:  Pst. (Dr). Appele Iyagba

Topic:  Healing Service: The Voice of Mercy
Lesson: Mark. 10:46-52; Samuel 9:1-13

Where your abilities cannot take you to, through mercy, God will take you there. Grace talks about unmerited favour or God’s riches at Christ’s expense. I want you to know that at the point you are facing challenges, it is only the voice of mercy that can change your situations. 
Mercy and grace are two virtues that characterize the attributes of God. They are closely related. Mercy is what brings the sinner to Christ. It is something that God cannot withstand when it is invoked. The word ‘mercy’ occurred 277 times in the bible, while ‘mercies’ occurred 44 times, and merciful occurred 40 times.

Mercy could be defined as an act of forgiveness or compassion, especially towards the less fortunate. It is an act of kindness towards a person. The Bible tells us that the wages of sin is death; but God decided to show us mercy and saved us from our sins. Titus 3:5 says, “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us….” Christ died for us while we were yet sinners. Roman5:14 He didn’t wait for us to become good before showing us His mercy.

(1) God’s mercies are Great. David said, great are thy tender mercies oh God (Ps119:156). This means that God’s mercy is unique, outstanding and extra-ordinary. When God decides to show mercy upon someone, there is no limit to it.

(2) God’s mercies are in many manifolds. Nehemiah 9:19 showed mercy to the children of Israel in the Old Testament; and Jesus showed mercy in the New Testament. God shows mercy in diverse ways

(3) Tenderness of God’s mercies talks about being sympathetic and handling something delicately. Today, in the midst of unanswered prayers, there is a cry for mercy and when God hears that voice crying for mercy, He will be move and meet those needs (Ps 51:1)

(5) God is Plenteous in mercy (Ps 86:5) Psalm106:6 God is plenteous in mercy. There is no aspect of our lives that does not need mercy but because God is plenteous in mercy, He will reach out to every one of our needs.

(6) God mercies are in multitude (Ps 51:1) the mercies of God are indefinite number, we cannot count the different ways God showed mercy, they are in multitude

(7) God is rich in mercy (Eph 2:4). This means that God has enough mercy to show to all; it’s in abundance and sufficient to meet all our needs. God is rich in mercy, possessing everything.

(8) “For His mercy endureth forever” (Psalm 136:5b). This means that God’s mercy has no limit. It is lasing, no restraint, it goes beyond. God delivered Israel with His strong and outstretched arm. By His mercies, we shall succeed in crossing every red sea of our lives, and every Pharaoh must give way in Jesus name, Amen.

(1) Mercy will be given to those who keep God’s commandments and fear Him or love Him (Ex.20:5-6, Luke 1:50). Loving, fearing, reverencing or honoring God are all about doing what He demands from us; promoting His work and being ready to please Him at all times.
(2) Mercy will be given to those who show mercy to others (Matt 5:7). If you show mercy to people, God will also show mercy to you (Matt 18:25-37,(Psalm 32:10). When we learn to forgive wrongs done to us by people, we shall in turn obtain mercy and forgiveness. When you live a life of forgiveness: forgiving and forgetting the wrongs/evils that people have done against you, God will show you mercy.
(3) Humility is another way you can position yourself for God’s mercy. If you are proud, you will not be positioned for mercy (Luke 10-14) (James 4:6-10).) 
(4) By trusting the Lord. (Psalm 32:10) Trust has to do with believing and having confidence in somebody; accepting somebody’s statement without Ps103:72-80 investigation. When you trust God mercy shall follow you everywhere you go. 
(5) By the action of your parents, you can also be positioned for mercy as seen in the good relationship between David and Jonathan in 1Sam. 23:11-17 and 2Sam.9:1-13. Jonathan’s kindness to David made Melphiboseth to eat bread at the Kings table continually. The good deeds of our parents can also move God to show us mercy. When mercy is invoked, judgment is put aside (James 2:13). 
(6) Finally, we can obtain mercy by crying out for mercy (Mark 10:47).
The more we cry for mercy, the more we can obtain mercy. Today, we shall cry for God’s mercy concerning our situations and for salvation to those that have not known the Lord and we shall obtain His mercies.

June 2018 Summarized Healing Service Message

June 2018 Central Healing Service 

Message Summary

Preacher:  Evangelist Victor Ejimadu

Topic:  Healing Service: A Convocation of Miracles
Lesson: Jeremiah 32:17,29; Isaiah 45:19.

I am trusting God to do something unusual in your life today. The God we serve is a God of Miracles. For with our God all things are possible. I declare onto you today that you shall go home with testimonies from those situations you came here with

Our founding father (Apostle G. D. Numbere) of blessed memory received a clear instruction from the Lord to start monthly healing services; and today marks the 37th year of our healing service anniversary. God also declared onto our father that this Temple is a Basket of Miracles. God, in His mercy has designed in his heart that you and I would be part of this healing convocation today. Be expectant, pay attention and open your heart to receive the Lord’s miracles today.

Any occurrence of miraculous event is often undeniable and unexplainable. The essence of which is to glorify God, and not to gain human attention or popularity. Any miracle that does not bring glory to Jesus Christ is not of God. Therefore, if God uses you to perform miracles, never you tamper with His glory thereof.


1) Signs: an evidence of divine commission and attestation of divine message (Matt 16:1,4).

2) Wonders: events that produces astonishments to the beholder.

3) Mighty Works: “Dunamis” (Rom 15:19)

4) Works of God


(1) Miracles speak for themselves: An example of this is in John 9 where Jesus opened the eyes of the blind man. The conspicuous nature of such miracle does not require anyone to defense the fact that it happened, as it speaks for itself.

(2) Miracles are unexplainable: God’s miracles are often beyond human explanations; if we can explain why and how happened, and then it is not a miracle.

(3) Miracles are often undeniable.

(4) Miracles authenticate and validate the Gospel claims.

(5) Miracles confirm the calling and the message of God.

(6) Miracle is an act of grace (John 9:35).

(7) Miracles bring God’s love and mercy to humans. But, we need to reciprocate same by surrendering our lives to Him (Matt. 11:28-29).

(8) Miracles bring Joy

(9) Miracles can be connected to individuals, families, communities, nations, etc.

(10) Miracles are done through His vessels (flesh and blood). Acts 10:38

(11) Miracles can happen as a result to answers of prayers (Gen. 18:42-45, James 5:17-18).

(12) Miracles come by the power of the Word.

(13) Miracles happen when we worship and praise God sincerely from our hearts (Ps. 22:3). When God appears, anything can happen, eg “Paul and Silas”.

(14) Miracles follow when we are on God’s missions.

(15) Miracles happen when we exercise faith in God (Mk 11:22-23).

(16) Miracles happen in the name of Jesus (Phil 2:9). Every challenge we experience has a name and such must bow to the higher name (Jesus).


 God can use anybody or anything to perform miracle at any time, but that does not necessarily authenticate the salvation of the miracle performer (John 9:35). There are satanic and counterfeit miracles, the essence of which are to get monetary rewards, eg the practice of mandatory sowing of seed-faith, etc. Miracles should be free. The beneficiary does not need to make compulsory payment in return.

 Miracles of riches are for reaching out! Anytime God brings a miracle, He requires a corresponding response towards His work.

 We must not be afraid of what the enemy wishes to do because God’s mighty hand is well able to deliver us (Luke.1:74-75).

 There is no level you have got into in sin that God cannot reach-out to you. In John 4:1-20, the woman in question was completely lost in sins, but her encounter with Jesus changed her story and she became born-again. She gave up her immoral life and became an Evangelist for God.

 God is able to do exceedingly abundantly of all that we could ask or imagine (Eph.3:20). It is our capacity to receive miracles but it is in God’s ability to release same as much as needful.

The greatest miracle today is the miracle of your salvation

May 2018 Summarized Healing Service Message

May 2018 Central Healing Service 
Message Summary

Preacher:  Pastor Isaac V. Olori (International Director)
Topic:  Be Still and Know That I am God
Lesson: Psalms 46:1-11.

I don’t know whom you are or what you are passing through; the Lord God has a word for you today. He says in Psalms, “Be still and know that I am God”. He is the Almighty; The I Am that I Am; The Omnipotent, Omniscience and Omnipresence God.

Who is God assuring in the passage?
Firstly, God is addressing His children: the Christians, particularly those who are facing one challenge or the other, and their sources of dependency for solutions have failed them. God is addressing you today, and still saying, “Be still and know that I am God”.

Secondly, God is addressing those who are not His children: those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour. This is because if you have not accepted Him, you don’t have the right or authority to claim sonship. Hence, you are required to know Him as the God that can save.

Thirdly, God is addressing circumstances, powers and forces that are warring against His children, which restrain them from being what He wants them to be. Therefore, principalities and powers over your life shall be retrained, and their activities brought to a halt because He is an Omnipotent God.

What does it mean, “To Be Still”?
The word, ‘still’ is derived from the Hebrew word: raphe, which means to be weak; to relax or a state of lack of power. One thing you must know is that God will not take over your battle until you cease from fighting the battles by your own strength; until you recognize that He is the Almighty. Most of us are carrying our load of problems all by ourselves; always looking-out for, and relying on possible alternatives! There won’t be any need for God to help the strong and the mighty that rely on their abilities. But, when God sees the weak that depends on Him, He takes charge; He steps in and intervenes in situations that be. II Cor. 12:9 implies that God’s Strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. We have to see God as the only option for a way-out of every situation. To be, “still” implies to be weak to the point of identifying and depending on God as the one and only source of our strength and hope in life.

From the dictionary definition, “still” means a state of tranquility. In 1Peter 5:7, God is asking us to cast all our cares/anxieties upon Him, because He is willing and able to bear them for us. Many of us are worried about so many things; we even grumble and say, “God has forgotten us” But be reminded and reassured today that God is here to reach you at the very point of your needs, only be willing to submit wholly to Him with all your heart, so that He can take total control of you and your situation because He is a Sovereign God.

From age to age, God neither sleeps nor slumbers. We must refrain from being anxious. Our acts of anxieties go further to show that we rely more on ourselves and in other things, rather than on God alone. It is only when we are not anxious that we can be still and knows that God is God indeed.

Why do we need to be still?
Deut. 4:7, Psalms 34:18 and Psalm 46:1 indicates that God is our help and refuge. He is ever near to all who call upon Him in truth. God is always available, all that we should do is to reach out to Him in absolute trust and dependency, and He will definitely show-up in our situations.
If you have not yielded to Him completely, you cannot experience His power in your life. We need also to give ourselves to prayer and the ministry of the word, in order to experience other levels of divine manifestations in our lives. The basis of all is that, you must surrender your life to Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour.

April 2018 Summarized Healing Service Message

April 2018 Central Healing Service 
Message Summary

Preacher:  Pastor Isaac V. Olori (International Director)
Topic:  God Remembered Hannah
Lesson: 1 Samuel 1:1-20.

As God remembered Hannah, He also remembered Abraham and others in the bible; you will be the next to be remembered, today. To be remembered means to experience God’s visitation and favour; today, you shall experience God’s visitation and favour.

That problem has a terminal point! In 1Samuel 1:5, Hannah’s first challenge was that God closed her womb, which means that the issue of Hannah wasn’t a mere natural or medical issue. For some of the problems we have, there are no human remedies because humans are so limited in what they can offer. But, our God is bigger than all problems, and hence provides perfect solution in all cases. Always see a Great and Big God over all your problems at all times. Other translations of this verse, says, “God had enabled her not to have children…”; “God has not given her children…”; etc. These show that there are things that are beyond men’s abilities, which only God alone can enable, activate or unlock before lasting changes can take place.

Most times, you can’t understand God’s purpose until He has finished His plans in your life. For every child of God, He has a plan and agenda; of which when actualized your story will change. Some doors may be divinely closed because there is something special that Divinity has reserved therein, like He did reserve the special child (Samuel) in Hannah’s womb, which was initially He shut-up.

Hannah’s Unique Challenges:
[1] God shut-up Hannah’s womb: If God can close He too can open. I don’t know what is closed in your life, God has the power to open it up, and your remembrance shall become evident. He is the Unchangeable Changer!
[2] Peninnah made life uncomfortable for Hannah at home: Peninnah mocked and ridiculed her. She dispelled her joy; her appetite was lost, and in fact, nothing more excited her. As though that was not enough, even at the temple the Priest misjudged her, calling her a drunk. But, rather than reacting angrily, and possibly conclude that Eli was not a man of God, she rather exercised self-control, and politely explained her situation, instead.
[3] The spiritual atmosphere in Hannah’s time was that of complete scarcity of God’s word. There was no God’s word; no open vision; and the spirit of God was definitely not present. The present day church’s situation is a replica of all these: we can see that the real word of God is obviously lacking; it’s all about, “success principles and breakthroughs” alone, nothings mores!
[4] Eli’s sons who were overtly wicked and lived in immorality, whereas they were priests. It was a time when adultery and fornication were the order of the day, and the priests were perpetrators of such and more abominable acts. Yet, in the midst of these decays and rottenness, Hannah kept clean and connected faithfully to God.

Things that Provoked Divine Visitation of God on Hannah:
(a) Hannah remained committed in service to God. For many today, life challenges, the conditions of the society and the deplorable situations in some churches have negatively influenced their confessions and have made they to shift grounds from their initial stand-point of faith in God. But, for Hannah, she keyed into Hab. 3:17 and trusted the Lord God of her salvation. Many of us don’t let God finish His agenda and purpose in our lives; we are not patient, we are not committed; and we continue move from pillar to post!
(b) Hannah was a woman of prayer: (vs 10) when your heart is poured out to God, your answer and visitation will come. Moments of prayers are opportunities to pour-out the bitterness and anguish of your soul to God, like Hannah did. 
(c) Hannah knew how to fight the good fight of faith. Rather than taking matters sensually or carnally with those that misjudged and tormented her, she acted maturely and spiritually. How do you react in times of pressure? Often times, when occasions to pick quarrels and retaliate come we become actively strong, but when it comes to undertake spiritual battles in prayers, we become very weak!
(d) Hannah keyed into a higher goal – being willing to sacrifice her first son for God’s services. She wasn’t looking for a child that will comfort her, but one that should serve God. Your attitude can keep lingering you from receiving your blessings from God. Many of our prayers are hindered because our desired answers are neither for God’s service nor for His glory.

I don’t know the Peninnah in your life; God will silence that Peninnah today. May your Samuel come! She got a priestly blessing after her prayers in the temple and nothing could stop her. Hannah believed that there was a Samuel even before he came; she knew she was loaded; hence, she was no longer sad again; she began to eat well because her appetite was restored. Penninah couldn’t understand the source of Hannah’s happiness! Your enemies cannot understand if you are operating by faith. Hannah knew she was carrying something, and she left God’s presence with something by faith; she was so confident. Today, you too will carry something!

Hannah’s stomach began to grow in size. Peninnah must have thought it was food… When she eventually put to bed, Peninnah had nothing to mock her again. Her shut womb became open, Samuel became a priest, and Hannah became the mother of a priest! There are so many Peninnahs in the church today: they follow to eat sacrificial food in churches every year; yet, they remain untransformed and at best mere religious!

The more reason why God will remember you today is because you are engraved on His palm (Isaiah 49:14-15). He sees you every time He opens His palm. If you are born-again, you are engraved on God’s palm because you are His true child. The God of Hannah is our God today, He will cause every source of bareness to go; and those things that are eating up your life, finances, resources, will all go because God has remembered you today.

March 2018 Summarized Healing Service Message

March 2018 Central Healing Service 
Message Summary

Preacher:  Pastor Isaac V. Olori (International Director)
Topic:  Dealing with your Goliaths
Lesson: 1 Samuel 17:1-11,31-46

Goliaths are those overwhelming situation that are so intimidating. But the God that intervened for David shall intervene for you today.

February 2018 Summarized Healing Service Message

February 2018 Central Healing Service 
Message Summary

Preacher: Pastor Isaac V. Olori(The Int’l Director)
Topic: The Throne of Grace 
Lesson: Hebrews 4:9-16

An aspect of the Ministry’s theme this year focuses on prayer. When we get into real prayers, we are able to approach the Throne of Grace.

A throne is an elevated place that shows power and authority. Kings sit on thrones in our localities and rule over the people. But, our consideration today is on the Throne of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

In Psalm 45:6, David spoke about God’s Throne and said, “… it is forever and ever”. Every other throne of men will come and go, but that of God is established for forever.

Psalm 103:19 shows that every throne we see is earth-based; it is only the Almighty God that has His throne in the Heavens. Every other throne has control over their kingdoms, but God’s throne rules over all thrones/kingdoms.

“Thus saith the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool …” (Isaiah 66:1). If the foot stool of God, which is much smaller than His Throne comprises of the whole earth, imagine how big His Throne is! We must understand the magnitude of His Throne, in order to approach it with due reverence. We must learn to pray with understanding, visualizing how great His Throne is, which should continue to reflect in our devotion in prayers, praises, worship, etc.

God cannot be accommodated by any big house. No matter how big your church auditorium is, it cannot accommodate God. His presence only resides in the midst of His people when they come to worship. He is indeed a great God! The Throne of Grace is where God shows His power. Prophet Isaiah’s encounter of His glory that emanates from the Throne of Grace provoked him onto holiness (read Isaiah 6:1-5).

In Acts 7:55 & 60, while Stephen was persecuted onto death, grace from God’s Throne prevailed on him, and he ignored death; rather than ask for vengeance, he asked for mercy on behalf of his persecutors. Although, grace and mercy emanates from His Throne, there will be time when it will become a Throne of judgment. Take the opportunity of the grace, mercy, forgiveness, and favour that are continually flowing from His Throne.

Motivators into the Throne of His Grace. 
[1] Heb 4:9, reassures us of God’s rest. It doesn’t matter what you are going through right now, God assures perfect rest for those who have identified with Him. When we enter into this rest, we cease from all labours. In the Old Testament, there are three compartments of the temple: outer courts, inner court and the Holy of Holies where mercy and grace could be obtained.

[2] Jesus, as our great high Priest is seated on the right side of God (Heb 4:14)

[3] Jesus our high Priest is sympathetic and considerate to us in any financial and emotional pains that we may be going through now. This is because He had gone through all of these beforehand; that is why He very much understands exactly how you feel (Heb 4:15).

[4] Every word that comes out of His throne comes with POWER. The word of God is quick and powerful (Heb 4:12). It is more powerful than any nuclear weapon you can think of. There is no situation that the word of God cannot handle. It can penetrate into the soul, mind, joints and marrow in order to take away every abnormality from your body.

[5] Everything and situations are bare and naked before God. Things could be hidden before the human doctors and nurses. But, our Great Physician knows all cases and can handle them accordingly.

God used the raven to provide food for Elijah, and He made it impossible for his hideout to be undetected by Ahab. No matter where you are, God will provide for you. The throne of grace gives us liberty to access God for all our needs. You cannot gain that liberty by merely attending Church programmes, but by having a relationship with God. And the only one thing that can hinder you from receiving from God is: INIQUITY.

When grace comes, it changes ones status and level. In Luke 15, the prodigal son wasted his inheritance and hardship met him. He suffered to the point of eating foods served to pigs. A day came in his life, when he realized himself and decided to go back to his father. He was prepared to take servant-hood position. But, his father, being moved with compassion restored him back to his position as a son. Grace restored the prodigal son back to his lost dignity; and so can it do to you today

January 2018 Summarized Healing Service Message

January 2018 Central Healing Service 
Message Summary

Preacher:  Pastor Isaac V. Olori (International Director)
Topic:  The Power of Dwelling in God’s Secret Place
Lesson: Psalm 91:1-16

I want you to understand that God has a secret place. Take for instance, in most of our homes, we have pre-seat rooms where most visitors don’t go beyond. It is only some categories of our visitors that proceed to be received in the main sitting room.

One of the keys to getting into God’s secret place is Prayers. Matthew 6:6 says, “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly”. The Old Testament temple was designed to have an Outer-Court where all the people stopped at, and an Inner-Court (the Holies of Holies) where only the Priest could access.

Most people are satisfied at relating with God by the Outer-Court. If your relationship with God exists only at the Outer-Court, you cannot know God’s secrets neither can you experience a real intimacy encounter with God. Unfortunately, it is in the Outer-Court that most Believers prefer to remain. You cannot get all that you need from God at the Outer-Court. It is only in the Inner-Court that we could get all that we desire of God.

In the Old Testament, the incense stands for prayers; it is only the Priest that performs this ordinance. But, in the New Testament, Jesus Christ is our High Priest who makes intercessions for us. Of course, if Jesus prays for you, it is an express answer that follows. While at the Outer-Court, you may be able to hear the voice of God, but in order to get His full manifestations, you must abide in His secret place: the Holy of Holies.

Everything that has good result also has conditions to be met. From the book of Luke 2:36-38, the bible says that Anna served God with fasting and prayer, day and night. She was 84year of age when this account was read. It took great dedication for her to be able to dwell in the secret place of the Most High for this long.

Shadow in Psalm 91:1 could mean: shield or shelter that covers from direct rays or adverse weather conditions, which further implies: defense, protection, security from satanic radar or assaults. “For thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall” (Isaiah 25:4)

Every shadow cast is proportional to the size of the object that produces the said shadow. Now, imagine how mighty, in fact, how measureless and awesome the Shadow of the Almighty spreads far and wide around those that come under His cover. The Almighty is a way Maker. He makes crooked paths straight; He changes ugly situations for good.

For anyone to be covered under a shadow, he or she must come close to the source of the shadow. In like manner, for you to be covered under the mighty and awesome Shadow of the Almighty, you must be close to Him. Sin is the only thing that can repel you away from the shadow of the Almighty; sin keeps people outside the gates. Surrender your life to Jesus and tap into the coverage of this mighty Shadow today.