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Elders’ Council

Greater Evangelism World Crusade Central Elders Council

Councils of Elders in the Ministry of Greater Evangelism World Crusade constituted at the various levels to ensure the property dissemination of authority of the Councils within several levels such as;

  1. The Council of Elders of the Local Churches which shall have and exercise authority within the local churches. 
  2. The Zonal Council of Elders, which shall have and exercise authority within the Zones.
  3. The State Council of Elders which shall have and exercise authority within the State; and
  4. The National Council of Elders in a Country, which shall have and exercise nationwide authority over the affairs of the Ministry within that country.

The authority conferred on the Council of Elders at various levels, pursuant to the foregoing provisions, shall relate to matters, which fall under their responsibility in accordance with the provision made in the Constitution.


The Councils of Elders at their respective levels, within the Ministry have responsibility for:-

  1. Providing spiritual and moral assistance for the Ministers in a bid to perform their ministerial duties;
  2. Preaching about Jesus Christ to people and leading them to salvation;
  3.  Encouraging members of the Ministry to be true and faithful disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ;
  4. Exhibiting a God-fearing character as well as speaking out for God, for the Ministry and for its vision;
  5. Defending the gospel, and protecting the Ministry and its leadership from the public;
  6. Receiving marriage proposals from brethren through the appropriate Ministers, and overseeing traditional marriages from prospective couples;
  7. Counselling and seeking solutions to matrimonial disputes or problems that may from time to time be brought to them by brethren;
  8. Ensuring the establishment of a local church of the Ministry in each Elders’ community;
  9. Advising the Ministry at various levels, on doctrinal and other matters of general interest for the wellbeing and development of the Ministry;
  10. Intervening and settling disputes, or otherwise dealing with any problem that may in absence of the appropriate Minister, arise at any level of the Ministry, provided that upon the return of the Minister concerned the Council shall report to him the circumstances of the disputes or problems and their efforts at solving them;
  11. Seeking and pursuing reconciliatory and amicable settlement of disputes between a Ministry and any member of the Ministry, where the Ministry concerned has been unable to settle the dispute or resolve the problem;
  12. Investigating and recommending to the appropriate Minister, due disciplinary measures against a member of the Ministry for an unchristian conduct or behavior; and
  13. Performing such other functions and duties as may be necessary for the realization of the Ministry’s vision and growth of the Church of Jesus Christ.


Email:       cec@greaterevangelism.coma

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