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Children Fellowship

The Children Fellowship is one of the arms or units in Greater Evangelism World Crusade. It is an integral part of the Children / Teenagers Department, also within the same Ministry of GEWC.


The Children Fellowship of Greater Evangelism World Crusade focuses on nurturing Children within the age bracket of 1 – 12 years. In the vision of the Ministry of GEWC, the Children were among the crowd bowing down like Muslims in prayers. The Children Fellowship is involved in fulfilling the Vision of Greater Evangelism World Crusade as it relates to the children, to raise their faces to look up to God and be saved. Our target is that every child in our Ministry must be born again.


1 To present the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to Children
2 To build godly foundation in the children and give them godly direction
3 When a child is saved, a whole lifetime is saved but the saved adult has a lesser life time on earth. This is why we want to catch them young for Christ as early as possible.
4 To help them grow and be established in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ
5 To teach and encourage them to make Jesus Christ known to others
6 To help them know their place in the Ministry and be effective members of their Local Churches
7 To help them discover and use their talents to serve God
8 To disciple and follow them up

9 Collaborating with the Adult Church Pastors and the Church as a whole to ensure that the Children that are graduated to the teenage class and subsequently to the Church are mature Christians and viable tools for effective work in the Church.


Our programmes and activities include:
1 To organize Bible studies, Bible quiz, sword drill, Bible Quotation Challenge, songs, and various classes and stages of competitions including debate, Bible quiz, Current Affairs etc.
2 To organize effective Sunday School for the children, using our Sunday school Manual which is always produced by the Children Fellowship on yearly basis.
3 We also see to the training of all Children Teachers within the Ministry to ensure that they are teaching according to pattern and required standard.
4 To organize yearly Harmonized Zonal Children Conference at various Zonal Headquarters as a forum to generally teach the children all they ought to know about God, the Church, home, themselves and the society at large. This is done in the form of talks, seminars, workshops etc.
5 Organize regular meetings of all Children teachers to know how each Church is faring, their challenges and achievements and then the way forward in cases where there are challenges
6 To ensure that the various units of the Children Fellowship such as the Prayer squad, Choir, Executives, Drama, Evangelism etc are all functional.

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