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Youth Fellowship

The Youth arm of the Ministry of Greater Evangelism World Crusade is made up of young, great and vibrant men and women who are passionate about knowing Jesus and making Him known to others.

Our sole objectives amongst others, include:
  1. To raise a brigade of young people who would tenaciously embrace and abide in the saving grace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
  2. To coordinate and mobilize young Christians within and without to form a squad of soldiers for Christ to foster and champion the course of aggressive Evangelical Outreaches.
  3. To create enabling environments for the development and harnessing of the innate potentials, talents and skills that abounds in the Youths. These are being achieved through various ways, including: skills acquisition programmes and talent exhibition programmes organized for the Youths in the Ministry
  4. To provide Leadership and Managerial trainings that could make our Youths to be fit for relevant purpose and take their strategic positions both in Churches and in the society, as leaders of tomorrow.
  5. To inculcate the attitude of unalloyed faithfulness, dedication, righteousness and inner purity, with sustained Prayer lives amongst the Youths.

The Youths have been using many program channels toward the realization of the foregoing, as well as other objectives; activities such as:  special outreaches, skills empowerment programmes, and conferences with enriching seminars, workshops, teachings, prayers, praises and worship sessions.

Many testimonies arising from our activities abounds, which buttresses the benefits of the programmes to: the individual Youth members, the Church and the Society at large. For instance:

Benefits to Members: The lives of our Youths are being transformed daily. They act and live in the consciousness that they are missionaries and ambassadors of Christ.

Benefits to the Churches: The Youth Fellowship constitutes the foot soldiers of our Churches. They are able to utilize their youthful strength and passions for the churches’ day to day activities, including being in the forefronts of Evangelism, Crusades, Visitations, Prayers and Manual works in the house of the Lord.

Benefits to the Society: The Government reaps the immense benefits of God fearing citizens that make for a better, peaceful and prosperous society. The invaluable charity works /services the Youths render impact positively on the society.

Projects in view:
  1. We plan to plant a church in Enugu State of Nigeria. We kindly solicit for your continual prayers in this regard.
  2. We plan to purchase a brand new Bus for use in our many slated evangelical outreaches.

Our Contacts:

National Youth Fellowship Secretariat,

43 Isiokpo Street, D/Line, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Phone: 0809-080-9231



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