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Campus Crusaders

Greater Evangelism Campus Crusaders (GECC) is the student arm of the ministry of Greater Evangelism World Crusade. Our vision  is “To make Jesus known on campuses”.

The objectives of GECC as stated in our constitution are as follows:

    i) Reach out to students and staff with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, thereby bringing godliness and discipline to the campus;

    ii) Teach members of the fellowship from the Holy Bible to show forth examples of true believers;

    iii) Make the Lord Jesus Christ known to the host communities that accepts the fellowship’s vision;

    iv) Train up effective and godly leaders from among the members of the fellowship for the service of the church and the Nation;

    v) Inculcate into the mind of members the need to convert youthful energies into godly activities; and

    vi) Organize programmes and activities that will encourage the brethren and increase their daily relationship with God.


i) By this special grace of God, GECC has been able to touch the lives of several people in tertiary institutions; by converting them from sin and ungodliness to the saving grace of Christ. GECC has also provided a plat form for young people on campus to serve the Lord. We can attest to this by recognizing the number of young people graduates from various tertiary institutions who are living godly lives and active in God’s service in the ministry of GEWC. This vision has not only affected those who are members of GEWC, but also GECC has brought young people of other denominations and churches to accept Christ and to become labourers in the Lord’s vineyard on campus and in GECC.   

ii) GECC has provided a training ground for students, in the word of God and practical leadership trainings. Today almost all aspects of GEWC has a touch of GECC in it because of the benefit of young people serving the Lord in GECC.


 One becomes a member of GECC by identifying with the campus fellowship in his/her institution and also actively participating in the fellowship activities.


It was a success indeed. Thank you for participating.


Office:  GECC National Secretariat @ 1 Abuloma Rd, Amadi-Ama Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Phones: 07063146539, 08094028952, 07039420080


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