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Healing Miracles

Healed of Breast Cancer: My problems started in July 2020 when I lost all my money within one week. It was the period of Women’s programme, which I managed to attend. I got home after the programme and slept. Later that night, I noticed a serious pain in my breast; it was so severe that I couldn’t sleep further. When I checked my breast in the morning, I noticed a lump that was very strong like a stone. The first thought that came to my mind was to call my mother’s sisters; because my mother died of breast cancer. But I harkened onto another thought to pray. Hence after my bath, I prayed and told God that, “this breast is mine. I didn't borrow it. It is when You who created me and saw need of breasts as a woman and You gave them to me. As such, no power can share it with me. And I claim my breast back to myself.” The pain continued, and the affected area extended and began to rupture. I drew the attention of my Church prayer squad, and they prayed for me. While still believing God, the devil would minister to me saying, “…you will die. Didn't you see the people in the hospital, when you took your mother to the hospital for breast cancer treatment, how that they died.” I rejected the devil’s ministrations, and consistently claimed Jesus’ motherhood now that I am in Christ. During August's healing service, I went with the pain to church believing that God would take care of the issue. It was so, after preaching that Daddy began to pray; he prophetically declared, “a new chest for someone”, and I claimed it for myself. Instantly, I began to feel severe hotness around my chest and breast area. Just the next day, the pains, the swelling, everything disappeared. Since that day till now, I have not felt any pain again. I can’t hide this. A sickness that took my mother’s life could not take me because I am of Christ. May the name of the Lord be glorified, in Jesus name
Sis. Rosetta Samuel
Healed of Complicated Health Challenges: I want to thank God for His mercies upon my life. I had health challenges that took me off and on to hospitals. Additionally, of recent, I was diagnosed of malaria, typhoid, and a worrisome acute cough that made me to stay away from people. On Friday before the September healing service Sunday, I was taken to the hospital again. They carried out series of tests on me and said I come for the various tests’ results the next week’s Monday. I went with a great expectation for God’s healing touch on the healing service. The Int’l Director, after the message, began to pray. He prayed and mentioned that there is somebody here who has been going through series of illnesses, which have defied medical treatments; that God is going to heal you in this service. Also that you have been hearing the enemy’s voice telling you that, “you will die”. These were exactly my situations and keyed into it. Immediately after the prayers, it was as if there was hot coal placed on my chest. I felt heat all over my body, and I got relieved. I went to my house and I began to testify to my children that I'm healed! I'm healed! However, on Monday, I kept to my Doctor’s appointment. The Doctor simply told me to go and take folic acid. Folic acid! This I have been taking counterless of times and doses before now. I left and did so. Since then till today, I have been made whole and healthy. The God who has done this for me, may His name be glorified, in Jesus name.
Pst. (Mrs) Isirima Gloria
3 Years Breathe Difficulties Miraculously Vanished: I want to testify of the goodness of God. In 2017, I suddenly started experiencing difficulties in breathing. I was taken to hospital for medical examinations. From the scan result, it was observed that my heart was not pumping blood very well. I had to be placed on medications since then. It was a battle that I faced and my parents too; certain times it was as if my heart wanted to pull out of the chest cavity. Any one close by at such times could literally see the hardness in breathe, like one who ran very fast in a long distance race. This year, it became worse. So, I had to come back home earlier from school for treatment but the lockdown suddenly started; I couldn't go to the hospital, and I struggled with the condition all through the period. When it was possible to go to the hospital, medicine was administered to me, which I took as prescribed. Most times, it would be so severe that I won’t get myself until I had been injected with the prescribed drugs. When my Doctor was called in June, he said that I should come by the end of the month for an inhaler to support my breathing. I told myself that I won’t continue to live like that. Hence, I attended the July Central Healing Service with the burden for a divine cure. When the Int’l Director finished preaching and began to pray, he mentioned my case: someone with difficulty breathing; right from where I was sitting, I shouted, “amen”. Immediately, it was as if something suddenly went out of me. I felt very weak, and couldn't stand on my feet. I sat back on my chair, and tears began to drop from my eyes. Could this be my healing, I imagined! By faith I continued praying and believing as I went home from the Church. Since after the healing service till now, my breathe has become is normal. When I went for medical checkup, everything was said to have become normal by the Doctor. This is what God has done for me, may His name alone be glorified, in Jesus name, Amen.
Sis. Bridget Raphael
Strange Sensations and ill conditions in my body all vanished: I want to thank God that I am alive to testify of what He has done for me. On 28 May 2020, at about 7 pm, I prepared a cup of tea for myself in the kitchen. I carried the teacup in a tray and headed to my veranda. Suddenly, something from nowhere hit my left hand, and immediately my hands began to shake. I felt a strange sensational movement going from the hand to my head. I shouted, ‘the blood of Jesus’ and began to pray. I managed to drink my tea that night and went in to sleep. Ever since, my body became disorientated and overwhelmed with ill health. The problem continued till the evening of 3rd June 2020. On that evening, I went in and turned on my television to watch CUTV (Caught-up Television). Behold, the programme at that moment was a replay of the previous month’s Healing Service programme. I regretted that the Int’l Director had almost finished preaching, and shortly, he began to pray. As I relaxed to receive the healing prayer, I only realized that I did doze off when something woke me up and said, ‘you are healed’. Immediately I opened my eyes, something miraculous had happened; those strange sensations and other ill conditions in my body had all vanished. Praise be to GOD!
Elder Gershon Jumbo
I was Healed of Stroke after Healing Prayer by the Int’l Director: On 7th June 2020, I was suddenly stroked down by an attack. When they rushed me to the hospital, the Doctor examined me and confirmed that it was a stroke. One part of the body from head to toe was paralyzed, resulting in being bedridden; the face twisted and saliva gushed out of the mouth uncontrolled. My husband informed my Pastor, who fasted and prayed for me with the Church. The Pastor noted that the situation was aggravated by lack of finance to be able to sustain hospital bills, and hence she continued helplessly on the bed at home till 21st of June: The Healing Service Sunday. It was a real-time satellite broadcast via CUTV (Caught-up Television). When the Int’l Director began to pray after preaching, through the word of knowledge, he said, “there is a young lady on bed and sick of stroke. Let the power from your brain that is connected to that stroke be disconnected now”. Within 3-days, she became perfectly healed. She is no longer in bed and has started making use of both legs and hands. Because of this outstanding miracle, her husband who didn’t use to go to Church with her willingly joined the Church for membership.
Sister Mercy Sunday
Severe Pile of Several Years Gone after the Prayer of God's Servant Via Livestream: My name is Edubamo Taribi, a member of Greater Evangelism World Crusade Church Ibadan. I give this testimony to the glory of God for what He did in my life. I suffered excruciating pains whenever I used the toilet. My mother and everyone around me would bear witness of the money that was spent, the heartache, and trouble it had brought to my family because we have done everything we could to bring relief. Hemorrhoid commonly called pile dealt with me so much that I was always scared of using the toilet. Imagine when one is wishing not to be toileting for fear of the associated pains during and after going to the toilet. I have been living on pain killers. I have lost count of the different pain killers’ prescriptions that I have received for over 2 years now. It got to a point that my rectum came out. I became so scared because I have never had such an experience before. At University Teaching Hospital Ibadan, the Doctor gave me two options: to undergo surgery or to be administered with a very powerful drug. Despite that the doctor told me of the side effects, I took the option of the drug. I used a 5ml syringe to insert it into my anus morning and night. Each time I had it, I was unable to stand nor walk. If I tried to walk, I felt so dizzy and drowsy as though I should fall. So, I have to wait for about 5 mins before I was able to stand up gently and went to bed to lie down. Not only that, the drug was also very expensive, it costed N50,000.00 and was difficult to find. God used the coronavirus lock-down to delay my next hospital appointment, which would have meant surgery: the option two. During this period, I was left to fate. April Healing Service day had come. As Daddy began the healing and miracle prayers, I went on my kneels and prayed, “O Lord, let my case be mentioned”. Behold, the last case Daddy mentioned as he was praying was pile. He said, “that pile is gone, that pile is gone”. I stood up and said, “that is me, my pile is gone, my pile is gone”. The next day morning, still in grave fear I went to the toilet. But this time around, I only felt little pains, which made me to exclaim, “this thing is working oh”! I continued to feel serious relief each time I went to use the toilet and I continued to confessing, “God, you have mentioned my case in the Healing service”. One week had passed; two weeks had gone by, and there was no more pains. As I talk to you now, I am free! It was like God gave me a new anus to the glory of His name. Today, I am free from the pile! I free from the pile! I don’t know what would have happened to me if I had undergone the surgery. Hallelujah.
Bro. Taribi Edubamo
Healed of Heat Rashes and Situations of Sleepness Nights: Before the last healing service, I had rashes all over my body. It made me to be restless and uncomfortable. When the Int’l Director prayed, he made mention of people that had rashes on their bodies and skin infection; he added that there were some that were passing through sleepless nights. Because of the heat rashes on my body, I would wake up several times at nights to bathe; I was restless and unable to sleep. When I heard that, I said, “God, your word can not return to you void, your servant had said it”. And I believed God for my healing. When I went home, I discovered that all rashes had disappeared; and that night, I was able to sleep well because there were no longer heat rashes on my body.
Sis. Ijeoma Onyekachi
57 Years of Digestive Disorder Healed after God's Servant Prayed via CUTV Live-Stream: My name is Bro. Alabi Ojelabi. I am a member of Greater Evangelism World Crusade, Ologuneru Church, Ibadan. My testimony is a very great one that I didn’t believe it could happen, but it happened anyway during the last Central Healing Service held at the Temple in Port Harcourt. Something has been happening to me from when I was 4 years old; I am 61 this year. My mother told me that I developed an embarrassing digestive disorder at the age of 4. She had tried all that she could to cure me but all to no avail. The problem was that whenever I ate, within thirty minutes, I must go to toilet. This made me to avoid eating so many things especially when I’m to attend a public gathering or to travel. Each time the urge came to go to toilet, I used to be so uncomfortable and must find somewhere to “discharge” as quickly as possible. Imagine what kind of embarrassment and inconveniences that I underwent for myself and others while travelling. After a few kilometers, I would plead with the driver and the rest of the passengers to stop so that I could go to any nearby bush to defecate. To my greatest surprise, when the Int’l Director began to pray, he commanded every problem in the stomach to cease. He said that we should place our hands on the stomach. I held my stomach as if I should tear it apart. Immediately, I felt movement of something, and I said to myself, can this ailment be healed? Until that time I was still in doubt of being healed! By the end of the service, as usual, I would normally go to toilet before heading home, which is about 5miles away. I made effort to defecate, but nothing came out; although the feeling of movement of something in stomach was still there, but the uncontrollable urge to defecate was no more! To the glory of God, I am healed. I can eat everything now including vegetables and beans, which I dared not to eat before then. And I now defecate once daily as a normal human being. With so much joy, I went to my mother to tell her that I have been healed. She didn’t believe me; she had put me to test by asking to eat for how to watch the outcome. I did eat, and did not feel any urge to go to toilet. It was then believed that I have been healed. Glory be to God.
Bro Alabi Ojelabi
Healed of Infirmity of Bleeding and Delivered from Demonic Manipulations: My first testimony is that I had an ugly experience of severe infirmity; it was that of an uncontrolled bleeding which occurred each time I made use of the toilet. I did undergo several medical procedures and medications, but received no cure. But in January healing service, as Daddy began to pray after preaching, he said, “anyone with pains should come out”. I did go out for prayers. After he prayed, I received my healing. Now, I can eat all the things that I avoided eating while the bleeding infirmity lasted. Secondly, I have been hearing of kidnapping but I have not experienced one myself. In the village, I went to my farm for harvest. All of a sudden, the surrounding bush/trees starting growing tall and taller and covered my height. I found myself walking inside the bush and drew close to an evil forest where men go to acquire powers. As I walked helplessly towards the evil forest, suddenly the thought of Daddy’s message came to my mind, and I experienced a divine enablement that helped me to turn back; that was how God delivered me from demonic manipulations.
Bro Iyang
Healed of severe pain on the right hand via the Livestream: Sis Queen Chai testified that she had severe pain on her right hand the night before 1st January 2020. The pain was so strong that she was unable to raise up her hand nor fold her palms. All through the night, she cried before her husband and they couldn’t sleep. They both prayed that night but the pain was still there. During the New Year Communion service, the Head of mission told the congregation to believe God for their miracles as they got connected via the livestream from Makurdi. After the brief Communion message, we participated in the communion bread and wine in our location as directed by the Int’l Director. The couple took the communion by faith, and today being the first Sunday of the month of January 2020 they testified that during the Communion session, as they took the cup and bread, they felt a cold sensation inside of them; and that was how she became healed. Right from that day till now the pain had disappeared. The husband also testified of how he was healed of severe high temperature. The God of GEWC is alive everywhere. God be praised.
Bro Kelvin and Sis Queen Chai
I was Healed of Incessant Ear Pus Discharge from Childhood via the Livestream: I received healing of ear pus (pulsatile tinnitus) during the October healing service by faith through watching the livestream from Gbagada Church in Lagos State, Nigeria. I got my healing when the International Director prayed for the sick. From my childhood, I have been having issue with my left ear. Pus (fluid) flow ceaselessly from my ear. Oftentimes, I used cotton wool or handkerchief to clean it up. But it was as though the more I cleaned it, the more it kept flowing out. It was a big burden to me because I grew up from childhood with this ailment; from primary school, Secondary, University and up to the time I started my career with a bank. I had applied many prescribed eardrops, including: Chloramphenicol. In September last year, I had a sharp pain in my ear. I later observed that my ear had completely blocked to the extent that I couldn't hear anymore and fluid was flowing out from it. I ran to a nearby Pharmacy to get eardrop to remedy the situation, but the more I applied the different eardrops the more the problem persisted. But during the October 2019 Central Healing Service, as the International Director prayed prophetically and said, “you blocked ears be opened, let every fluid in your ears dry up”. I quickly stood up from my seat and received the declarations. I knew it was for me. Instantly I was refreshed. From that moment, my ear started scratching me terribly. I endured the pains throughout that Sunday until I went to bed. When I woke up the next morning being Monday, I noticed that the pus from my ear had dried up completely. From October till now, there is no more pain, and no more pus coming from my ear. I have been healed completely. I can now go to my work place and work freely. I give God all the glory.
Maekae Barilumene Obed
Healed of Many Years of Stroke: In the year 2000 I had stroke. I was very worried and lost so much weight. It affected my brain to the extent that I couldn’t recognize ordinary money anymore. I couldn’t even think well anymore. Secretion through sweat ceased. I was aided to do virtually everything. I remained in this condition for over 19 years. The Pastor and the Mile1 Church brethren prayed ceaselessly and encouraged me not to give up. I believed strongly on God for my deliverance and healing. After the September healing service, I begin to experience some sensations in my head and sweat started again on my body after many years. Just like that, the Lord began and perfected His healing on me. Today, my case has changed; I am okay because the Lord delivered and healed me.
Eld. Hannah Onuegbu
Shifted wrist-bones realigned after Prayers: My wrist bone shifted, and I have been having very serious pain for six months now. I managed to come to the healing service today. As I came out for prayers during the prayer time, I felt an instant touch of relief from the pains after God miraculously put back my wrist bone into its proper position.
Sis Beatrice
Healed of multiple ailments as she watched the September Healing Service via Live Stream from GEWC, Ashi Church, Ibadan: Sis Peace was very sick for some weeks. She was treated for malaria, but she wasn't getting better even after having completed the prescribed dosage of drugs. Also, during the week preceding the Healing Service, she had a very severe cold with pounding headache, her two ears were also partially blocked and she was experiencing dizziness. She only managed herself to the Healing Service. While Daddy was ministering the word, the right ear got opened. As the prayer went on, Daddy specifically mentioned the case of cold, and released the Spirit of healing on the congregation, immediately she fell under the anointing. When she got up, the left ear had opened, and she felt very much better. To God be the glory.
Sis Peace Daniel Isah
Healed by God's touch via Livestream: I was far away from the temple but watched the healing service via livestream on YouTube. While I was watching, the power of God struck me from my head immediately Daddy began to pray; thereafter I got instantly healed of a severe pain.
Pst. B. Kpani
Healed of growth in the ear as she watched September Healing Service via Live Stream from GEWC, Ashi Church, Ibadan: She was diagnosed of a growth in her left ear. As prayer was going on during the service, she felt a burning sensation in the left ear. As she touched her ear, she discovered that the growth was reducing in size as the prayer progressed. After the prayer, the growth had drastically reduced in size. When she went to a hospital for checkup the next day, the Doctor confirmed that the growth had completely disappeared. Jesus is Lord.
Sis Titilope David
Fractured spine after ghastly motor accident realigned and Healed: I was bed ridden because my spinal cord was affected as a result of fracture of my 5th, 6th and 7th cervical vertebrae. On Sunday, the 21st of June 1981, in honour to an invitation of some brethren to the Healing Service of Greater Evangelism World Crusade, at Elechi Beach Street, Mile 1 Diobu, Port Harcourt. Of course, I was brought to the church on wheelchair. As the song, “edimma, edimma, aha Jehovah edimma” was going on, I struggled from my confined wheelchair to see who was leading the song, and something happened. It felt like an ice block was placed on my neck, and chilling effect run from my neck through my spinal cord to my anus. It was so sensational that I thought I was to pass-out. The sensation repeated the second and third time, and began to stagger on my wheelchair like one that was heavily drunk. I suddenly found myself got up from the wheelchair for the first time after a long while and walked. Some people around me thought that I ran mad. I heard the pastor shouted, “someone has been healed, if you are the one come out”. I went to the altar, shouting, “I am healed, I am healed, I am healed”. The genesis of the story was that I was into terrible smoking and drinking of alcohol. And on the 15th April 1979, while I was driving under alcoholic influence, I had a ghastly motor accident, that was how fractured my vertebrae. I was rushed to a hospital in Port Harcourt for about two months. When there was no headway, I was taken to Enugu Specialist Hospital where I spent a total of 18months in the Hospital paralyzed and bedwetting. Finding no solution, they recommended that I look for money for further treatment in Germany. I remained bedridden waiting for when money could be raised for me to travel to Germany. It was at this point that those brethren came to preach to me and invited me to their healing service where the miracle happened. To God be the Glory.
Eld. Anderson Jumbo
Hole in the Heart Healed: God blessed us with a twin boy and a girl in June 2017. The girl was diagnosed with a cardiovascular heart defect. She had 2 holes in her heart (VSD and PDA). She was being managed at UPTH. In January this year, we did the 4th heart scan, and it showed her heart was greatly at risk and needed an urgent open heart surgery. The surgery is usually done abroad or by foreign doctors who come into the country seasonally. We were then referred to UNTH Enugu, where we could meet with the doctors. On the advice of our pastor, we met our father (the Int’l Director) for prayers. Before then she couldn’t walk, she choked on liquid easily, had very fast breathing and always felt weak. The Int’l Director prayed for our daughter in the month of March. After then we started seeing great improvements in her breathing, her interactions were better and she started walking. On the 13th of May we were invited to UNTH Enugu for the surgery by the expatriates. The doctors carried out another scan and found that she wouldn’t need an open heart surgery anymore. The critical hole inside her heart has healed as a result of the prayers of our father. For the second hole, which is by the side we were asked to go home and revisit in 4 months for another check. To God Almighty be the glory.
Sis. Awajikerem Alabo