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A Biography of Apostle Geoffrey D. Numbere. By Nonyem E. Numbere, Authored by the wife of Apostle G.D. Numbere Is on his life, call, vision and mission. It is a must read for all for it compares favourably with the Acts of Apostles. This book is a “must” for any person who desires to experience anything that God can do through a person wholly given over to His service. It is a “must” for every Pentecostal who seriously wonders if the age of miracles and divine healing really did pass away with the ending of the Apostolic Era. But especially for those aspiring to become Pentecostal leaders, this book, “A MAN AND A VISION” will inspire your faith and give you an honest hope that what God did in the Apostolic Church, He can and still does so today though those wholly committed to His service.

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