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In this book, the author, using the metamorphic stages of this amazing insect, “Butterfly” graphically illustrate the stages one must of a necessity go through to experience the new birth. A vivid Scriptural analysis of the different assumoptions of what makes one a Christian such as, “I was born of Christian parents, so I am a Christian by birth” and by implication, thinking that it is hereditary,” I am Christian because I have been baptized”; “I am a Christian because I do good works” and I am a Christian because I am an officer of the Church and have always been in Church” was given. His in- depth and passionate treatment of the third chapter of Saint John’s gospel resolve all the misunderstandings and troubles associated with key truth of salvation contained and also sets out the genuine steps to real salvation. I hereby wholeheartedly recommend this book “The Butterfly Christian” to everyone who wants to experience the truth of the new birth.

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