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50th Anniversary Colloquium

Join us tomorrow, 6th September 2022 at 2pm (WAT) for our 50th Anniversary Colloquium, themed “Sustaining the vision of GEWC...

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Book Review byDr. L. Hart

BOOK TITLE: “The Unity of the Brethren in the Local Church” REVIEWER: Evang. Lawrence Hart, PhD AUTHORS: Apostle G.D Numbere &...

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How to be Saved

The basic things that one can do to be saved are as follows: Accept that you are a sinner. “For all...

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Pastor Isaac V. Olori’s Keynotes

Director’s Ministry’s 48th Anniversary Address: PREAMBLE Today 9th of September, 2020 marks the 48th Anniversary of the founding of the Ministry of...

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Apostle’s Charges

Apostle’s Charges Brevity of Life and Accomplishing of the God-given Tasks: To be conscious of the brevity of life is...

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